Scorpio and scorpio horoscopes

When in a matched pair, this problem rarely presents itself, and both partners feel unrestrained in their favorite form of emotional expression. Utter devotion and a refusal to give up on love combine with desires that simply do not cool. They will endlessly feed the fires of their partner without distraction and are known for some of the most enduring marriages and long-term relationships.

Fights may be bitter, highly charged, and hurtful but discord is often short-lived. The positives far outweigh the negatives here as both the Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman will greatly benefit from the deep emotional connection they can have together.

Sexuality Traits of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpios are inspiring leaders but can be uncompromisingly stubborn and opinionated. Unless they are both in positions of a supervisory capacity, there can be some clashing when working in the same space. Competitiveness can impact productivity and be an unwelcome distraction for other coworkers. Following the rules and completing projects timely is no struggle for Scorpios, who tend to responsibly follow through with whatever they are working on. Workplace drama will forever be the true weakness for Scorpio-born, they are absolutely unable to pass up an opportunity for secrets and gossip, but in all fairness, it is the presence of either that is the real problem.

Overall, Scorpios can be counted on to work hard, but social distractions are a real concern. A mirrored friendship or relationship between two Scorpios can be a match made in heaven or a real disaster. The longer the bond endures, the stronger it grows thanks to their diehard devotion to long-term relationships of all types.

Scorpios are not immune to the magnetizing charm of their zodiac sign, and so it is not uncommon to find them together as friends or soulmates. Not many signs bond so well when in a matched pair, but the success of two scorpions ranks very highly in compatibility and relationship survival. While you may never agree on who wears the pants in the relationship, you will always agree on when to take them off. Expect an adventurous ride with no brakes if you decide to go this route.

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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Your Natal Chart and Your…. I am a Scorpio female and was involved with a Scorpio male and we parted ways horribly. Intense hate, suspicion, manipulation and condescendment. My argument was that he looked down on me as a child, immature and unintelligent. We both became hardened and took turns stabbing the knife in.

It is true when they say we feel intense love or hate and occasionally there is a fine line.

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility: The Select Few

Be careful. Your comment was the first to see. Me and my brother are both Scorpios. Our whole life we thought we knew what was best for the other. We care deeply if one is emotional. We try to solve each others problems when one going through a hard time. Me and my brother can not be broken by any third party in the world.

Scorpio And Cancer Reunite

My only love, also allows me to feel the effect of a strong opioid. I was simply near and dear.

Sex is absolutely amazing between two scorpions! I was with a scorpio and he was an idiot and was always playing games with me, kept trying to get me to chase him down the street, We kept breaking up and getting back together, Not my kind of fun! I absolutely agree. I am a Scorpio and so is my boyfriend of over 3 years.

If our arguements do get emotional, no matter what is said, we both know that it will not change anything between us and that we still love each other. Your email address will not be published.

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