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Saturday is a biggie! How much is too much? Relying on gut checks and public consensus won't be the best yardstick this week, as planets dance into a series of befuddling formations.

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Better break out the measuring cups and read over those Google analytics reports. On Tuesday, September 10, the Sun and obfuscating Neptune lock into their annual opposition in the skies. Like shining a light into fog, we'll only be able to see what's in front of our faces. The benefit to this muddling mashup is that it allows us to powerfully tune in to the present moment. Pause from strategic planning to indulge in some workweek self-care.

Creatively, this introspective Tuesday lets us draw from a deep well of inspiration within our own psyches. On Thursday, we'll feel like racing back into the action as can-do Jupiter gets into a dynamic dust-up with driven Mars. As these feisty planets square off in a degree angle, impulsivity could create chaos. There might not be anything we can do to prevent people or ourselves from leaping before we look.

But whenever possible, use enough foresight to set up a safety net. Otherwise, the rest of the week could be wasted retracing steps and cleaning up the mess. A balance of both could bring a breakthrough! Surrender to a soulful, spiritual groove as the annual full moon in Pisces shines overhead in the wee hours of Saturday. This enchanted lunar lift gives shape to our dreams and desires…the deeply held ones we might not even realize are simmering in our subconscious minds.

Let down those walls and boundaries because a great willingness to be open—and to just try new experiences—could bring major life shifts. With quixotic Neptune the planet that rules Pisces opposing actionable Mars the same day, we may again feel like galloping off to the races based on a mere intuitive hit. This is a risky proposition, so don't cast aside good sense or romanticize to the point of delusion. If you're going to rock the rose-colored glasses, take a good look through the reality filter too. Because Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, the Pisces full moon helps us release what no longer serves our highest good.

Farewell, toxic frenemies and energy vampires! Hello, to all that is good, true, and beautiful…inside and out! Also, on Saturday, Venus makes her annual homecoming to Libra, one of the star signs she counts as a cosmic castle. Mercury follows suit, shadowing the love planet through this zodiac court. Peace, love, and harmony? We'll take all three, thanks. Until October 8, life could feel like a bonus Valentine's Day celebration. Cupid will make plenty of cameos during this golden romantic period—and his arrows are sure to hit the mark.

Libra is the zodiac's partnership sign. Whether for business or pleasure, it's time to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate with joy once again. And indulge! We'll all have a weak spot for life's finer things now: haute cuisine, beautiful fabrics, art, music, and all kinds of revelry. Just watch the cash flow when following the hedonistic impulses. With Venus and Mercury in Libra, money can slip right through our fingers. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox! Main Navigation. That helped to put us more on the map in the niche of love.

T: In we started doing readings. We never wanted to do them. But we now we each do a reading 5 days a week with some amazing clients and it ends up being like a life coaching and strategy session. How did you teach yourself astrology? O: Books and books. I got the chart from the boyfriend and then at the computer lab where I worked at there was this woman, she was a Scorpio and we were the only women there, and we were obsessed with astrology.

She found a little piece of shareware that did charts—Cosmic Portrait.

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I put it on a disk and brought it home. We would just remember everything we read. I think I got that program in O: Yes, if they have intuition. How would you explain that intuition? O: You have to give a shit about someone besides yourself. You also have to be into yourself too.

Kind of like a puzzle person. Cracking a code in the way. If you had to explain the theory of astrology in simple terms what would that definition be? Why is the chart done at time of birth and not another time, like conception? T: Our philosophy is that if no one is going to give you a chance, build it yourself. O: But I believe in the generosity model. Give people really good, useful content for free. We give a lot away for free.

We do syndicate it to places like Elle and that pays for us to be able to do that. But you have to be your own billboard. You have to show people, not tell them. We like to give a lot and it takes a certain amount of trust and people get addicted to the horoscopes and then they buy a book or do a reading.

I guess our business model is provide as much value as possible for people.

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T: And the right people will come to us. But in terms of what we offer now we have a lot of content. We do readings—about 8 to 10 readings a week between the two of us. The best thing to do is to take the information and then live your life. If your intuition tells you to go left and your horoscope tells you to go right, you should go left because nothing is a better guide than your intuition. But sometimes what you think is your intuition is actually all your fears and preconceptions.

Do you separate for the readings? What we have in development is a pod cast where you call in with people. T: And we have the books, Men of the Zodiac and Momstrology. Ophi became a mom in and her daughter actually charmed an editor that gave us a book deal. So now we have a spin off website called Momstrology.

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O: I think astrology is most useful when people are going through a time of uncertainty: dating someone new, crisis in the relationship, motherhood, a new job or trying to leave a job they hate. We try to meet people at those places and give them useful tools to get unstuck. T: Yeah, for sure.

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Fashion people love astrology. I think creative people are the ones that love astrology the most. O: But why do they need to see it on a purple or blue background with stars or wizards capes. We love style and we went to art school, so why not make it stylish? Is it something that you do consciously? Is it something that you want to be recognized by?

We bring the stars down to earth. We all share that one-ness. I think astrology, even though it divides people into twelve, it is also this unifier. Astrology is the ultimate icebreaker. You can connect with everybody. But I do have some really religious clients. I did a reading for a born-again Christian. Muslims from Dubai. Since Twitter started, a lot of people found us on Twitter and Google. She still checks in.

I had the daughter of an African king who went to Columbia. I helped advise her on what to do when she went back to her country and wanted to set up clean water access. It was an honor. O: I had a famous neuroscientist. Mostly women. Sometimes men. A lot of entrepreneurs. T: People who just want to live a rich life. They want to make every moment count. They have a blind spot and we help them. What does a reading entail? O: We need their time, date and place of birth. We do their chart. They can ask three questions. They fill out a form.

They can ask about three people, but of course it usually goes into more sometimes. Just to focus them a little bit.

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T: We tell people the story of who they are. A lot of times people will say that they listened to the recording a year later and everything that you said happened. How do you work with brands? We did an off-site with Nike. O: We just did the Kate Spade Saturdays lookbook. We did a whole horoscope. How do you communicate with your audience? How do you put yourself out there? O: A lot of people find us on Elle and Refinery We did this whole video series with Refinery, so that gave us some good exposure. Twitter for sure. We also do a weekly newsletter on Sunday nights. T: Word of mouth though, really.

People read it, they like it and then they send it to their friends. Do you guys have a team that helps you out? T: We have someone who does social media. We have a publicist and we have a great assistant who is like a shaman. She loves people. We work separately though. Do you work from home? T: Yeah and we come here, to our apartment in Manhattan. O: I have an office up in Nyack.

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T: My husband owns a Polaroid camera store in Seattle. I work with him in his store. I need a certain quiet. How long does it take you to do a chart? An hour for a day. T: I just feel closer with them. People rarely surprise us. The maps are all wrong. T: Astrology does take into account the shifting constellations. Susan Miller did a great explanation of them on Elle. She says the constellations are just markers, because ultimately the planets are going degress around the sun.

The constellations were markers, but there were certain energies that were happening during that time. Can you prove Christianity? Can you prove shamanism? Can you prove art? How do you deal with the haters?

The occasional Sagittarius man. O: I remind them of what the true definition of a skeptic is, which is someone who suspends their disbelief, tries it out, and then forms a judgment. What do you think is the biggest challenge about your profession and what you do?

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T: Just writing as much as we do. Time never stops. We never get a day off. What do you find the most rewarding about your job? O: I like to be able to give people a breakthrough of some kind. Helping people stop suffering in their head. What does your average day look like? A mix of writings and readings? T: Mostly writing. I wake up and turn on the coffee maker. I love that morning coffee buzz hour. We always have to go somewhere to do some writing or reading.

O: We go to some vintage stop. Wandering and meeting a friend for lunch. T: Then going back to writing and reading in the late afternoon. Having beauty around us is really important. T: Most of our readings are on the phone. Most of our clients are from around the world. Do you ever do them in person? T: Sometimes. It can be distracting sometimes. Some people are scared of bad news. How do you deal with that? Of people being afraid of bad news?

O: Bad news is usually a fear of someone dying or getting injured and a fear of being caught by surprise or not being ready for something. I hate when people do that. Do you feel like you have a mentor? T: We have a number of them. My shaman is a mentor. O: Our financial advisor. Our dad was an entrepreneurial mentor. Susan Miller is an inspiration because she paved the way for Internet astrologists.

She has a different approach than us. O: She made people read their horoscopes on the Internet. Whichever entry point it is for you. People who are into astrology tend to open themselves up to other things. What is your dream for astrology? T: My dream is that everyone knows what their chart is so they gain the self-acceptance and understanding.

When you understand yourself and you can be in harmony with yourself, that is the only way to world peace. Is this person meant to be my best friend or a teacher for me? T: A radio show is really exciting to us. I love Dan Savage. O: Then with a big group where we give people an overview of the month and people just asks us questions. You can find daily weekly and monthly horoscopes from the AstroTwins on their website , AstroStyle, as well as their Planetary Planner , to get you ready for the year ahead!

Nice interview! Passa a trovarmi VeryFP. But astrology is not science. But… actually there are many astrology studies now being conducted at universities and below are just a few of them. So please, they should not be considered equal to other universities.