Mercury venus jupiter conjunction astrology

When Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction it makes person religious, intelligent, learned, rich and well-liked. Since both of these planets represent wealth, so there is a strong indication of a wealthy person or one who possesses a lot of value in life. Venus is the karaka of relationship and Jupiter is the planet of wealth so it shows they attract wealthy partner comes and noble person. Jupiter and Venus both are teacher in astrology but teacher of different subject. Therefor these people lack some happiness in relationship, but it shows expansion of love, relationships, and beauty at a higher and more spiritual level.

Jupiter expands the creativity and artistic talent of Venus. Venus and Jupiter in Aries: These people very restless, fast,courageous, energetic. These people little bit of aggressive in love and in relationship.

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These people more energetic than usual. They may feel more confident in their abilities. Venus and Jupiter in Taurus: These people have good voice, they like singing and may show interest in poetry,. They fond of eating good food it may create problem the person may become obese. These people are very social and like to mingle with people and extends their life of luxury, and luck. They have good aesthetic feelings, and like to dress well. They write about relationship with some inspiration and have some hope in it. They are good comedian and they are very friendly and have some flirtatious behavior.

Venus and Jupiter in Cancer: These people have very strong need to connected with people by heart. They are very generous and sociable and well liked by all.

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They are very cultured and nicely dressed. They may gains through female related matters. Venus and Jupiter in Leo: Here Jupiter increases Venus ability to attract to the good life, popularity, abundance,pleasure and enjoyment. These people have over overconfident and they can have unrealistic ambition.

These people believe in expanding the social life, fun and generosity. They can be indulgent in pleasure of life and they like gambling. Venus and Jupiter in Virgo: These people very sensual and is pleasing to the opposite sex. They interested in construction of religious and welfare institutions.

They are social worker and very optimistic. They gain through writing, public speaking and serving to the society. Venus and Jupiter in Libra: These people have a spiritual married life and are wealthy. They lead a comfortable life. These people very balanced in their approach and very supportive to partner but very philosophical and spiritual in nature and enjoy materialistic happiness as well.

Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio: These people very much interested in the area of occult science, religion and philosophy. There is a tendency to be attracted towards all things hidden and mysterious of the life. They are very intuitive, investigative in their approach they can be magician. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius: These are the noble qualities of the religious seeker, such as being philosophical, prophetic, affectionate, generous, and humane. Also, they like to be charitable to others, and you may start or work for some charitable institution.

Attracted to foreign people. Exotic looks. Exotic vacations. Love of travel and adventure. Love of philosophy and theory. Love of religion. Religious devotion. Foreign art. Enormous appreciation of aesthetics. Fashion philosophy. Big fashion.

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Too much makeup. Too much jewelry. Too much partying. A lot of love. Blowing relationships out of proportion. Blowing money issues out of proportion. Pompous about art and aesthetics. Truth in art. Truth in beauty. Finding meaning through creativity. Finding meanings through relationships. Finding meaning through marriage.

Marriage beliefs. Beliefs about relationships. Clown music. Clown art. Good sense of humor. Appreciation of comedy. Generosity and kindness. Beauty to spare.

Infectious enthusiasm. Attracted to people who have something big going on. Attracted to billionaires. More is better. Too much is not enough. Over the top fashion sense. Exaggerated appearance. Exaggerated personal style. Exaggerated displays of money and wealth.

Mercury Venus Jupiter conjunction in Astrology

Very elegant and refined. Enthusiastic creativity. Enthusiastic social relationships. Most Popular. Homecoming king. Homecoming queen.

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Most Beautiful. Too much emphasis on looks. Beauty contestants. Very feminine. Frou frou. Pastry chefs. Grand display. Opinions about femininity. Opinionated about art and culture. Opinionated about marriage and relationships. Opinionated about aesthetics. Opinionated about fashion and beauty. Fashion publishing. Fairness, ethics and harmony. Peace and Truth. Marrying well.

This Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Will Make Your Life Sparkly

Physical joy. Enjoying the physical world to the point of excess. Carefree love. Abandoning yourself to pleasure. Lazy when it comes to anything other than self-indulgence and having a good time. Appetite for love. An exaggerated need for affection. Lusty appetites. Excessive socializing. Gypsy love. Does Venus conjunction Jupiter in Capricorn have a high chance of cheating on someone or engaging in a lot of casual relationships?

I think that Venus conjunct Jupiter could give someone a taste for casual relationships. Jupiter in Capricorn could indicate an attraction to older, more mature partners. Maybe a casual fling with the boss? Are there indicators in her chart for truthfulness? Some people think about cheating but they never actually do it. Some people have self-control.

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Capricorn is a sign with self-control. She has a Mercury Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. She also does have a Moon Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius as well. Unsure of the orb due to not knowing her birth time but she definitely does have a Moon Uranus conjunction. Mercury Neptune can be prone to lying or at the very least deceiving others.