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Another good venue for a date would be anything which involves a degree of risk, such as a casino.

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Most Sagittarians are lovers of good food and drink, so the traditional dinner date is perfectly acceptable, particularly if you are introducing the Sagittarius man to a new kind of cuisine. If the food is potentially lethal, all the better, as far as the risk-taking Sagittarius man is concerned.

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The Sagittarius man is fond of rich blues and purples. When it comes to clothing, he prefers to wear garments that are loose and comfortable; if you were to wear something similar, it might imply that you, too, are a free spirit. The Sagittarius values honesty, so he gravitates toward natural-looking partners. In other words, wear just enough make-up to draw out your best features. He also likes perfumes.

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Try something exotic, but just enough for him to get the occasional hint when you lean in to speak to him. The Sagittarius man, be he physically or mentally adventurous, is always keen to explore new belief systems, philosophies and religions. So: Neuro Linguistic Programming, yes; candle magic, probably not.

Another great gift for the Sagittarius man is some kind of unusual food stuff or beverage. His eyes will light up when you present him with a bottle of mead, saki or a packet of honey-roasted locusts. Even if the food in question is to Western tastes fundamentally disgusting, he will actually enjoy discovering for himself just how fundamentally disgusting your gift actually is.

He will like sex which is exiting, varied and possibly even a little dangerous. If you yourself are a little demur or restrained in these matters, the Sagittarius man can seem a little daunting. However, for the Sagittarius man, sex is very much a part of a greater whole.

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He will value a partner as much for their mind and the intellectual stimulation they provide as for the physical delights they deliver. But if you really want to learn exactly what the Sagittarius man is like when it comes to sex, click here. This one really depends on you. The Sagittarius man hates to feel restrained in any way. He values his freedom above all things. The important thing here is honesty.

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The odds and the gods tend to favor him. Like a knight, the Sagittarius man loves to charge off on his worldly quests, then return to share his delightful tales with anyone who will listen. This man must sow his oats before settling into a relationship. Out of nowhere, he begins to crave a companion to join his eternal seeking.

Our Sagittarius friend Dan, a television producer, describes his own maturity as sudden and fast. The mature Sagittarius can make an excellent, though intense, partner. Unfortunately, neither will want to face mundane chores and decisions that everyday living requires, which could be a challenge.

The Capricorn woman is all about responsibility and taking care of business, while the Sagittarius man prefers to have fun. Both the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman need to retain their individuality in a relationship. This should not be a problem with this match. Both signs enjoy meeting new people and discovering new horizons, and the pair will share many great conversations together.

The Fish needs security in a relationship, and Sagittarius may feel smothered by her need for constant reassurance. A professional astrologer can offer excellent advice about how to proceed. They can create personalized charts and analyze precise points of compatibility. Finding love is never easy, but it can be especially difficult with a Sagittarius man due to his fear of commitment. He or she may also use tarot cards, runes, numerology or other spiritual tools and to help guide you on your path to true love.

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