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This reign of terror consists in targeted enforcement raids against individuals like an illegal Mexican who has been deported twice, served time in prison, convicted of two domestic-violence incidents, and charged with rape which he plea-bargained down to a lesser crime. The number of illegal alien law-breakers in Atlanta is so high that one is booked into a county jail every few hours, reports the Times.

The Times notes with dismay that illegal aliens are being arrested for driving without insurance and without a license.

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Apparently Times reporters would not mind if their car were totaled by an uninsured driver. A reporter for the Spanish-language newspaper Mundo Hispanico sends out Facebook alerts of sightings of ICE agents so that illegal aliens can evade the law. Yet we are supposed to believe that it is the Trump administration that poses a threat to the rule of law.

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If a credulous article on astrology can get through the editorial process at an increasingly female-dominated Times , we can expect that political reporting will grow even more unmoored from reality at the Times and other outlets experiencing a similar demographic shift. Most Popular. White House.

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    They're facing charges. By Rich Lowry. I was By John Fund. Those events in Britain and the U.

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    By George Will. If properly decided, the cases will nudge Congress to act like a legislative body.

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