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Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. People born in the year of Jan. For those born before Jan. The fire dragons born in no matter male or female all own clear-cut faces which make them easy to be liked by the others.

Daily Planetary Overview

Therefore, they usually enjoy a good luck in love. However, they have a special ability which enables them to get success easily. They know well about how to act according to circumstances, so always leave an unreliable, changeable or fickle impression to others. In character, the fire dragons are popular among others and good at enlarging their social circles.

However, they are easy to believe others and not good at hiding their motives. They like to say about their wishes or needs frankly to friends. They may find their best friends have seized their place when they are making great effort to get a promotion by using right means. So, they need to be more cautious and careful when doing things instead of too outspoken to others including the friends. In terms of health, the fire dragons are seldom to suffer from serious diseases in the whole life. But, they need to change some bad habits in daily life especially some unreasonable eating habits.

In love or family relationship, the fire dragons are easy to have disagreements or trouble with their partner or family members due to their ill temper. So, they need to always control their temper in order to live harmoniously. Some natives will have communication difficulties with their mates, but this will concern a very small minority of you.

For most, love will blossom like a rare and precious flower. Beware not to let things degenerate. Numerous single natives will meet someone who will leave quite an impression upon them.


For certain single hearts, there will even be a very important encounter that may change their lives drastically and result in a marriage. Very quickly you two will begin talking about marriage or will think about living together. Do not let recent financial expenditure cause worry, for one will be able to recover some of the outgoings within a very short period.

Lucky Things for People Born in the Year of Dragon

On the other hand, it does not mean that one can continue to spend lavishly thinking that everything will be all right in the end. For those in business, one is likely to secure or finalize some deals that have been in the pipeline for sometime. Everything has a purpose and hopefully time will reveal the true reason behind it. You will gain status in the business world. Peach blossom is everywhere around you, avoid it.

Singles will be able to meet their dream lover soon.


Dragon Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

For those who are married, it is advised not to have an affair. You must control your temper, if not, there will be gossips or even court cases. Handle finance wisely. Be careful when in transit to avoid accidents. Never quarrel with others as you may offend evil characters causing more troubles. Once not feeling well, seek medications immediately. Take up some light exercise, which will do you good but never over do things with strenuous exercises. This is not a year suitable for you to have a holiday overseas. Never walk through dark lanes to avoid thefts. There may be lots of gossip.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Try to obey your elders. Concentrate on studies. Use your allowances wisely.

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