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This is a guide only. Use your intuition and choose a tree according to your spontaneous feelings. Today is different from tomorrow and one tree can give you a better answer to a specific question than another tree. You will eventually learn to feel and hear the nature. Regardless of which tree is yours according to the druid horoscope, there are two trees that you will probably approach more often than others.

Druid horoscope

The oak is a tree of power, however it can only give power to a person who is already strong. To connect with a tree, approach it with love, ask for help, guidance or energy loud or in thought and lay your hands gently on its bark.

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Alternatively you can also lean on to it so that your spine touches the tree. Imagine how positive energy flow is rising from the earth through the tree and you, filling your being with a green stream of life energy. Use this druid horoscope table as a guide only. Just go into a forest or a park, sit on the grass, take some time to meditate and walk amongst the trees.

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You will feel inkling to approach a certain tree. You must be logged in to post a comment. Tags: druid , herbal , horoscope , tree. Your personality profile is linked to the properties of each given tree. It is found by date of birth.

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Find out which tree is your Celtic sign. When you get your Celtic zodiac compatibility reading, you will be able to see not just then name of your tree sign but also other important details associated with your Druid sign and also that of your partner. It predicts how compatible you both are by comparing your personality traits and characteristics. You will also be shown what things are common between the two and what is different.

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What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! You may be surprised what your date of birth can predict for you and your partner with this Celtic horoscope compatibility calculator.

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