Raj yog in astrology

Mars and Jupiter here have dig bal, Saturn is always very strong in 12th house in not under any malefic influence.

What is Raja yoga in your kundali and what is its impact on life? - Astrology

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu should not occupy their deliberated signs or should not be in their enemy signs. The native would become a very powerful king reigning over the whole nation This yog is partially present in the chart of Mrs Margarat Thatcher -she had been PM of Britain for 3 continuous terms — only lady in the history had achieved such kind of success. This yog could be seen partially in the chart of president of China- Mr.

HU jintao.

This yog could be very well seen in the chart of Mr. Dimitry Medvedev Current Russian president.

How to check raja yoga in horoscope

When Jupiter is placed in cancer lagan and Moon is placed in 11th house Both should be placed alone in strength. When Jupiter is placed in Cancer lagan and Sun in 11th house Both should be placed alone in strength. When Venus is placed in lagan, Moon in 4th house and Sun in 11 th All three should be placed alone in strength. Rajyoga will take place if Moon and a benefic planet are in the Arudha Lagna and Jupiter is in the 2nd from the natal ascendant and both these places are receiving aspect from planets in exaltation or in own sign.

Rajyoga will form when ascendant, second and 4 th house is occupied by benefics, while a malefic is the 3 rd house. Rajyoga will form if 6th, 8th, and 3 rd house are occupied by debilitated planets, same time ascendant lord is exalted or is in own house or aspecting ascendant from its position. Rajyoga is formed when the lord of 6 th , 8 th, and 12th are either debilitated, or in inimical signs, or in combustion.

Rajyoga will take place when 10 th lord is placed in his own house or in its exaltation sign and aspecting ascendant from there. If the ascendant lord is not aspecting then the presence of benefics in Kendra house will create the same effect. Rajyoga will form if there are benefics in Kendras from Karakamasha ascendant. If the Arudha Lagna and Dara Pad are in mutual Kendras, or in mutual 3 rd and 11 th house relation, or in Trinal relation with each other, the native will doubtlessly become successful due to this Vedic astrology rajyoga yoga. When two, or all of Bhava, Hora, Ghatik ascendant are receiving an aspect from the exalted planet, an astrology Raj Yog is formed.

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If Arudha Pada is occupied by an exalted planet, especially exalted Moon, or Jupiter or Venus with or without exaltation while there is no Argala by a malefic. Rajyoga will form when the Arudha Pada is a benefic sign, containing Moon, while Jupiter is in 11 th house. If any of lords of 6th, 8th or 12th house in debilitation, gives an aspect to the ascendant, there will be a Rajyoga.

Rajyoga will form when, planets ruling 2 nd , 4th, 10 th and 11 th house aspect to ascendant or 11 th house. While Venus gives a aspect to the 11 th house from arudha Lagna, here arudha lagan should be occupied by a benefic planet.

A Rajyoga will be obtained, if a debilitated planet gives an aspect to ascendant and is placed in 6th, or 8 th house. A Rajyoga will form if a debilitated placed in 4 th or 11 th house aspects ascendant from there.

Raj Yog - Find Out If You Have a ’Raj Yog’ in Your Horoscope

This Rajyoga is applicable to Capricorn and Gemini ascendant only. When 9 th and 5 th lord is related with each other the native will attain a high position in life due to Rajyoga happening here. Rajyoga will form when 4 th and 10 th house lord is in exchange and same time aspecting 5 th and 10 th house lords. Should the Lord of 4 th , or 10 th house join either the 5 th house Lord or 9 th house Lord, the native will obtain a high position in his life.

Rajyoga will form if 5 th house lord is making a union with ascendant or 9 th house lord in 1 st , 4th, or 10 th house. When Jupiter is in 9 th house in Sagittarius or Pisces sign with Venus or 5 th house lord, a raj yoga of high order will take place. Two and a half Ghatis from mid-day, or from mid-night is an auspicious time.

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A birth during such an auspicious time will bless one with a high position in life. Venus and Moon mutual aspect will also produce the same effects especially when others not afflicted. Rajyoga will take place if the ascendant is in Uttamamsa and same time receiving aspect from four, or more planets, where Moon should be one of these planets. If one, or two, or three planets are in exaltation the results produced here will be equal to Rajyoga.

Neech Bhang Raj Yoga and Its Effect

If four, or five Grahas occupy their exaltation signs or Mooltrikon signs, the effects produced here will be equal to Rajyoga. If by chance six planets are exalted, the native will become emperor or in present context president of a country. Even, if one among Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are in exaltation, while a benefic is in a Kendra house, the native will enjoy the good results of Rajyoga.

If all benefics are placed in Kendra house i. Rajyoga will take place when Moon is endowed with full rays full moon in Pisces and aspected by a friendly planet.

Full Moon in the sign of its exaltation Taurus will give a Rajyoga. Here, the more deep the exaltation better will be the results.